Aerial Haunted Island


As you can well see for yourself, the Haunted Island is nearly 99% desolate forest surrounded by Big Bass Lake. Can you even imagine how foreboding that might be at night when permeated by blackness? My Boys Clubs of America kids sure could since they were there for every trip that we made always at the stroke of midnight on the spookist night I could find. Sometimes that might have been the very first night of the trip.

In the 1970’s no one lived there yet now there is a property owner on that island. The errie cry of loons permeated that island and those cries could be heard from our wooded beachfront making the trip to that island even more perilous to the kids. I love this overhead glance at the Haunted Island as it brings forth the mystery and suspense that is known for this island especially to those who have visited her during darkness.

I wonder if Camp Martin Johnson ever visited this island at night? Hollywood couldn’t even write better material than nature often threw us even when nothing at all was planned for our midnight journies to Haunted Island. Wind, thunder, and even heat lightning often made the trip quite scary for the kids. As our rowboats entered the perimeter of the island, the shadows of the trees blacked out our approach to the island. That was the beginning of apprehensions for the boys.

The Haunted Island! What a view!

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