Pick out your favorite color for they are all here and doubly so as they are all reflected back to you in the water.  The trees were at their full color last weekend and I took my camera away from Lake Michigan, for a change, and retreated into the Manistee National Forest instead.  I came across this lake with two lady friends of mine and we spent the whole day here.

My husband Mike might not understand that.  Yet one of my friends took out her sketch pad and began formulating what her eyes took in on canvas.  My other friend and I chose to dip our bare feet into the cool water for a time while singing some old songs.  I don’t think a nearby fisherman appreciated that much as he took his boat to the other side of the lake.

I could have spent a month at this location and we all ended the day hiking through some of this majestic woodlands.  Not a bad way to spend an autumn day!