A Scent of Yesteryear Remains at Camp Martin Johnson

Four Winds Island on Big Bass Lake largely retains the charm of what Camp Martin Johnson used to be as all its former buildings are to this day intact albeit privately owned.  The mainland camp is nearly all but forgotten except for the tennis and basketball courts that you see here.  It causes me to wonder if they are maintained by some sort of homeowner’s association?

And how often are they used by the Heritage Bay residents?  If those homeowner’s have children then the faint sounds of children’s laughter can still be found at the forme camp site.  Another thing remaining at camp is the now unmarked grave of Martin Johnson. 

When former campers and staff return to their former camp, I wonder what thoughts fill their heads?  Can they make out what used to be there?  Or have the waterfront, dining hall, campfire circles, and the like drifted away through the years?  Let us know what remains of camp in your memories.

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