Return to Haunted Island


On one trip to that island on a boys club camping trip there didn’t need to be any ghost stories or special effects as that particular night was just perfect as it was. The wind was howling and Big Bass Lake was rather choppy that night as we approached the island at midnight. Four kids and I docked at the islands rickety pier and got out of the boat. You could hear the wind whistle through the trees and as we climbed the short hill to the path leading to the haunted house a faint cry of a loon could be heard which send chills up and down the kids spines.

One of the kids said, “Maybe we should come back another night?” The others just continued walking on the path. This path was narrow with trees on both sides as the majority of this island is tree filled. At the end of the path is a clearing with the haunted house right smack in the middle of that clearing. Just then, as if on cue, a bolt of heat lightning lit up the sky and the kids hit the ground as it caught them totally by surprise.

As they got to their feet they moved slowly and cautiously toward the haunted house. They peered into the windows but when asked if anyone wanted to go inside, heads were shaking no. The house itself was two stories with a small basement. Of course there were no windows in the frames and the house was chilling indeed on that windy night.

Just then another loon cried out and the kids headed back toward the path with all of them stating a desire to return to the boat and back to the safety of camp. Sometimes just the weather itself played well on those trips to the haunted island. Yet that particular trip was talked about much on the return trip back to Indiana. Of course, at that time, they were all saying that they weren’t scared at all. Yet that island does have its own unique fear factor to it, especially on a windy and spooky night.

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