There’s A Bear In My Yard!

As a rule, there’s not too many things that get my goat, but one day this summer, after Mike left for work,  I was ready to do some planting and weeding in my garden when I glanced out the window only to observe a bear in our front yard.  I should have known something was wrong when our two huskies, Frick and Frack, began growling toward the back door. 

After seeing the bear, I wasn’t about to let them out even though I think they would have held their own against that critter.  It was a black bear and they are becoming ever so bold these days to get into people’s gardens and groves to feast upon what is to their liking.  I sure wasn’t planning to intervene on their diet that day.  It was fascinating, though, to watch him walk through our yard and sniff at my produce. 

Fortunately for me, not much was to his liking so after about ten minutes or so he lumbered back into the forest to see what other mischief he could get into.  I’m just glad hat he chose not to enter my house as another bear recently did on the east coast.  But then he would have also encountered Frick and Frack and I know that wouldn’t have been to his liking either.  Boy, would I have a tale to tell Mike that evening. 

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