The Elk Township Hall Fiasco

Even the Big Bass Lake area can have its collective “fill” of politics for the building that you see hee was the focus of government misuse of funds.  The old township board recently spent a great deal of taxpayer money to do surveys on whether or not this building should be replaced.  They dd a great deal of this in secret.  What was eventually found out was that basically there was little wrong with this building and it did not need to be replaced.

The board members in question had acted presumptuously and without public support and they were recently replaced.  One would think that elected officials would do the will of the people but  I suppose that the former board members were looking at the examples of our leaders in Washington DC for their misguided actions.  No one in their right minds should follow that kind of example. 

Yet now the Elk Township Board seems to be again in good hands.  Maybe now the will of the people of that area will be done for the benefit of all?!

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