Autumn Picnic

Autumn is our family is labeled “Crunch Time”.  It just happens to be that way because when Mike and I hike to whatever area we choose to picnic in, within the confines of the Manistee National Forest, our feet crunch through miles of crisp leaves that make that wonderful crunching sound as we progress. There’s nothing like that sound on a brisk Autumn day to bring out the appetite.

 Our two dogs, Frick and Frack, are always chasing each other or some critters, bringing forth that same wonderful crunching noise.  They continually do that while I set out my picnic lunch with a cloth directly over them on the ground.  That ever over so pleasant crunching sound never ceases!

Not even as Mike and I dine on our lunch!  For Mike feasts on his favorite snack potato chips and a new fresh chorous commences!  And, to that point, we haven’t even begun on the dill pickles yet!  Why not have a crunch time picnic yourself sometime?

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