Keith’s Awkward Dive

At our beach on Big Bass Lake we used to sink the metallic rowboat and dive off of it. I can’t say much for Keith’s technique here. On a scale of 1-10 he’d have to receive a 2. Instead of a belly flop he’s just created the back flop. I hope he wasn’t sunburnt at the time.

The boys club kids really enjoyed diving off the rowboat and usually Keith did have pretty good form. His brother Kevin was at the pointe fishing at the time and missed his older brother’s effort. But the rest of the boys observed it and had a good laugh. Keith said he slipped on the boat and came up with this new dive which he insisted would be in the Olympics sometime soon.

Keith was like a fish in the water. Laughs were always frequent while the kids splashed each other and just had a good old time in the water. You just never know what kind of picture would be taken and this is one I am sure Keith would have liked to have had- And burned!

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