Pier to Haunted Island

What you see in the distance is the Haunted Island.  In the middle of that island, on the western side, was a shaky docking area.  And that was but the first steps out of the boat onto this scary location that the boys of various boys clubs took.  On this trip, it was the Marion Boys Club and the boys thought the pier was rickety and unsafe.  In fact, Kenny Huffman thought it was so unsafe that he didn’t want to get out of the boat.

Never mind that he was shaking so much that he was creating his own wake from a parked rowboat and he did so because he feared getting onto that island.  Now, Kenny was our oldest member and his imagination was already playing games with him before he had even set foot on that island.  The other boys had already taken the shaky pier onto the island but Huff seemed quite content to stay in the boat regardless.

That is until we all started to mount the short hill that led to the path through the trees.  He weakly blurted out, “Wait“, for he did not want to be alone in that boat.  He didn’t mind it when we were on land but he did not like the idea of us deserting him by making our way to th haunted house without him.  Yet on that trip we never made it because when Huff got out of the boat he lost his balance on that pier and went right into Big Bass Lake. 

Usually the haunted house gets the kids scared but on this trip it was the pier that led there that was more than enough for Kenny Huffman.  We headed back to our beach so that he could dry himself off and thus never made it to the haunted house that trip.  To this day, Huff thought the pier itself was possessed and that was enough for him.

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