The Haunted House Itself


Just before each trip to the Haunted

Haunted House

 Island the kids could hear the cries of the loon and as they boarded the two rowboats for the trip out there on a darkened Big Bass Lake the atmosphere was set. As we approached the island the shadows of the trees covered us in even more darkness.

On the Haunted Island there used to be an old house right in the middle of that island in the early 1970’s. There was no glass in the windows and it was a two story house with a dirt basement. Around the house were large fir trees. On one trip a towheaded boy by the name of Keith Hansel had his picture taken in front of the house. Once the picture was developed his eyes shined bright red as if he were possessed. Of course it was due to “red eye” or was it?

We never ventured to the second floor because we were unsure how ssfe the stairs or the upstairs floor was but we did once venture to the basement dirt floor which was quite spooky to say the least as all our trips to that island were at the midnight hour. On that particular trip flashlights can come in more than handy.

The interesting thing about this house was as you reached the end of the path from the dock the house stood directly in front of you quite foreboding. Add to the mix the occassional loon and all the ingredients were there for some great memories and some bravado that only occurred in the stories the kids told on the way home.

4 thoughts on “The Haunted House Itself

  1. Okay…where was this? Was this on “Albert’s” Island…named for Albert Matson when he owned it? The picture is very familiar, but I can’t remember where???


  2. Yes, this was Matson’s Island and my boys club trips visited there at midnight often to the old house in the middle of the island in the 1970’s. There are many stories of the Haunted Island yet to come here but they are all recorded on the Big Bass Lake Network soon to be brought here.


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