What Part of Big Bass Lake Is This?

Recently I made my first trip to Big Bass Lake to go through its channel to Little Bass Lake which I posted on earlier this week. Now, since my good friend Dave Norris could tell you about either the Southwest or Southeast part of that lake, he doesn’t know much about the north side of Big Bass Lake anywhere past the section that leads to that channel I earlier alluded to so my question to everyone that reads our posts is, what part of Big Bass Lake might this be?

I kind of got turned around when at Big Bass Lake and forgot where I took this picture.  Anyone know what part of the lake this might be at?  Let me know by way of a comment.

2 thoughts on “What Part of Big Bass Lake Is This?

  1. It was long ago, but is this looking South to North across the wider channel in the same area where they installed the public launch. To the right across the small bay if I’m correct is the island and behind it to the east is the Camp. To the west around the point would be Dinty Moores place? I was only about 8 or 9 and that a long time ago.


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