This photograph interests me because while the plane and its reflection in the waters of Big Bass Lake are yellow, all else is in black and white.  The owner and pilot of this plane is Dan Carlson and he parks it on the north side of Big Bass Lake.  Next to his cottage, and on the water near his property, are wind socks to that he can tell which way the wind is blowing for take-off’s and landings.

I once thought Dan’s plane was merely a prop in the Big Bass Lake Fourth of July Parade but was later shocked when someone wrote in saying that was a real plane and not a pontoon boat, or other creative process, made up to look like a plane.  I do wonder how much space it takes both to land that plane and to take off?  Also when does Dan bring this plane in to the lake each year and when does he take it out?

Big Bass Lake residents should be most proud of having their own landing strip as part of the recreational activities on Big Bass Lake!