Swimming in Loon Lake by Dawn

loon lake 6

I was I believe about 4 or 5 years old, and wading in Loon Lake was a popular habit for all of us kids. The grown-ups watched from shore. I wandered out too far into the lake…..and lost my footing, going down beneath the cool blue water. In my panic and confusion (and not knowing how to swim) I started the drowning process. Leaping up from the water, spitting water from my mouth and hollering for help! After the second time under I felt a strong arm grab mine and haul me to the surface. Kicking and sputtering and crying, I grabbed on to Dad with arms of steel, thanking him over and over. He was my hero! He still is……

After that incident I don’t remember too many other trips to Loon Lake. I am sure it is just that my memory has latched onto that episode and sort of wiped out anything else. Mom tells me we did go there on occasion, even after that. I guess it is just the sort of thing that sticks in your mind!

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