Ludington River Fishing

Ludington is known for its great fishing out on Lake Michigan but you can still have a lot of fun, and without the wave action, by fishing the many rivers in the area.  In fact, during the time that the salmon run you can literally just pick your catch with your bare hands by standing as this fisherman is and pick out the best one as it passes by.

I love fly fishing and Darlene always packs the best lunch to go with whatever fish I might catch that day.  I like standing in mid river with hip boots or fishing off shore.  Now and then, if the rivers are deep enough, I’ll launch my rowboat or canoe and do a little fishing.  Have you ever had trout sizzling in your frying pan?  Or some great catfish? 

And they’re all waiting for you in the rivers and streams around Ludington.  And, maybe you’ll spot me in my hip boots reeling them in.  Don’t forget to say hello, but quietly as we don’t want to disturb the fish.

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