Channeling Big Bass Lake

Just after Labor Day this year I finally made a trip to Dave Norris’ favorite lake, that being Big Bass Lake with one ambition in mind and that was to travel the channel between Big and Little Bass Lakes.  I unloaded my outboard motor and rowboat and entered the lake at the public landing and then made my way just to the east of what Dave calls the haunted island.  I now see why as it was eerie to say the least with one lone house on it that I could see.

I went through the narrows of the lake and past the two northern islands and then headed due east for the channel.  I then lifted my outboard moor onto my boat and drifted into the channel. 

As i oared though this channel I was immediately impressed with the scenery and the narrowness of this entry port to Little Bass Lake.  Had I met another boat, it would have been a tight squeeze getting by one another.  The water was somewhat deeper than I had imagined and I saw a great many fish in it.  I should have brought my pole!

As I rowed through this channel I thought about what Dave had once told me about bears frequenting this area occasionally.  What a natural corridor this could be for the locals around Halloween.  My thoughts drifted if Camp Martin Johnson ever used this passageway to scare the kids of that camp?

And, then, there it was!  The footbridge over the channel and my thoughts drifted to where each way would take someone?  I have also heard that the historian of Big Bass Lake, Ann Louise Chase, lives near this channel.  I also wondered how many bears have crossed that bridge over the years?  Once under the bridge, Little Bass Lake was in sight so I turned around and headed back under the bridge heading back toward Big Bass Lake.

What a trip this had been for me as I dipped each oar into te water making my way through the channel ever so slowly.  But there it was, the opening back into Big Bass Lake!

I had achieved my goal of making it through the channel and as I put my outboard back into the lake to make a quick trip back to the public landing, my thoughts drifted to making that same trip again sometime in the future.  But dare I try that voyage at night? 

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