Pointe Camping

Camping at the Pointe of our wooded beachfront was always special for our older members for a few nights on every trip.  It separated them from the main camp by about sixty yards even though they shared the same latrine area.  The Pointe gave one a fuller view of Big Bass Lake as the area seen was almost all the way to the narrows.

Plus the boys had their own beach with a rope swing into the lake plus a tire swing further back into the forest.  I still watched them carefully but allowed two or three of the older boys to have a separate camping experience from the main camp each trip.  It usually came during the middle of their stay.  Whitey Meier and Mike Jones were the ones from the Salesian Boys Club that got to use the Pointe Tent for two days and they were from the Salesian Boys Club of Columbus, Ohio. 

They still took their meals at the main camp but everything else for two days was basically on their own.  They did their own fishing and swam in the lake by themselves and generally had a ball.  They had the option of joining with the main camp for evening campfires.  The Pointe Tent provided older boys the privacy they sometimes craved and gave them the appearance of being out on their own.  The only other club to use the Pointe Tent was the Marion, Indiana, boys club. 

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