Lasting Friendship with Gordon Payne Began at ULBC Camp

Gordon Payne probably never realized that his working career would commence with Boys Clubs of America serving with the Union League Boys Club of Chicago at their resident camp in Salem, Wisconsin, where I first met him when we were both tent counselors there.  My career would continue in that venue at five states including Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, and Florida. 

Gordie also for a time served on my Board of Directors at my Hoffman Estates Boys Club n the late 1970’s and, for me, that also included being able to use the ULBC Camp for that club.  Gordon is a man of integrity and faith and I count it fortunate to be his friend of just over 40 years since the day we met at camp back in 1970.  The man is a political genius who is ahead of his genre in that arena.  I have been ever so lucky to have had him as an advisor and friend but his one area that he lacks is a good sense of humor.  I tried ever so hard to develop that one shortcoming of his at camp.

He is also an able communicator in regard to politics and a polished writer.  He would be a great political commentator on some radio or television network.  And, to think that it all began with our positions as tent counselors at the Union League Boys Club all those many years ago and still stands strong today in regard to our mutual friendship.  When God made Gordie, He broke the mold.

By the way, pictured is the camp swimming pool.  And, no Gordie, you can’t go tadpole boating even if your grandmother is a shark!  Remember that gem?  Or what time is 2:30 swim?

2 thoughts on “Lasting Friendship with Gordon Payne Began at ULBC Camp

  1. Thanks for sharing, I was at the camp yearly, i think about 70-77. Good times, as the kids say these days. Good memories. Thanks for the photos.


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