Hoffman Estates Boys Club Football Fiasco

If it wasn’t bad enough insulting the Executive Director of the National Office of Boys Clubs of America in New York by disregarding his edict against our football program by stating that boys club members cannot be under contract, our football leaders of the HEBC went one better by adding to insult our Ladies Club.  They did so by depriving them of concession money by moving the home games of our football program to Harper College in Palatine. during my second year as the club Executive Director. That meant making every game virtually an away game by paying the college for use of their field when we could have played the game on our home field for free.  Lunacy!

Chris Nolan, of the HEBC Ladies Club, nearly went ballistic as she could not believe that the football people could so blatantly just forget the Ladies Club.  But that actually sounded the death knoll for the football program at our club as unpaid insurance premiums and creditors from those that sold us the uniforms for the players went unpaid.   Soon the old football room was totally cleaned out and the room revised for an arts and crafts program.  We also used the same for both the Torch and Consumer Research clubs.

The football program that stymied former club director Tim Massey and myself was now gone much to the delight of the general membership and the local United Way. 

For the longest time, the whole club had revolved around the Lancers, Titans, and Trojans, but a new era was on the horizon for this club that was successful during my tenure there as a fully programmed boys club and one not catering to one element.

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