Hiking the Manistee National Forest

I love hiking the Manistee National Forest in the fall as you can hear nearly every step as crunched leaves are heard beneath your feet.  Plus the landscape is ablaze with an abundance of colors.  It nearly takes my breath away.  I can also see further than in the summer time when bushes cloud my sight. 

I prefer cross-country hiking over that of taking established trails.  Yet to do so, I always take a compass and area maps with me.  I also never hike alone for if something were to happen to me, without help, I could be in dire straights.  Thank God for cell[phones as well as they are part of my equipment whenever I go out hiking.

I take my golden retriever, Scout, out with me most times along with another friend.  Scout enjoys these outings even more than I do.  To be honest, I’m not much for winter hiking so my time for walks usually ends in Mid-November.  I get out again in early April every year as the woods begin to have that spring renewal aroma. 

Any of our other readers enjoy this magnificent forest to hike?

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