The Leaves Are Falling at Big Bass Lake

There’s nothing quite like Autumn at Big Bass Lake. For one thing, leaves are rarely raked up at our farm.   The lake itself is decorated with hues of orange, yellow, and red reflecting upon the waters making the lake even more magnificent than it already is.  Every step you take along the bank or in the woods is accompanied by the crunch of leaves. 

My grandmother often made bacon and eggs with oatmeal on the ever so cold mornings by the time the first leaves began to fall.  The aroma throughout the old house was spectacular at any meal time.  From one window in the kitchen you could take in the fields and from the other the woods around the barn all invested with fantastic colors.  All other seasons have their own beauty in and of themselves but Autumn is where the area is ablaze with color.  Winter is only known for its whites and grays whereas spring and summer hangs on the greens but fall is where the color can be found and in abundance.

I never took a boys club trip to our property in either the fall or the winter.  I now wish I had, at least in the fall.  Our kids would have been awe struck at just the colors that can be found in this photograph with all the more in the forests around it.  Yes, there’s nothing like the fall at Big Bass Lake!

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