Fall at the Cottage


Notice the beautiful fall colors surrounding out cottage. I remember my grandmother preparing me deer meat and carrot juice for a meal. Even when salted the deer meet seemed to be really dry and while the carrot juice was good going down it left the roof of my mouth itching.

My dad and I were there to bring my grandmother back to Indiana for the winter. The cottage was not winterized. In the fall it did have a wood burning stove that heated largely the front part of the cottage and our wood shed had a more than ample supply of wood to keep it going strong until late fall.

I found the bedrooms quite comfortable even though a tad cool. The heat from the wood burning stove did not reach to the bedrooms in the same way it did the front of the cottage.

The Manistee National Forest was in full color that weekend and the trip both ways was pure splendor with about every color imaginable on those trees. On the morning we left to go south our breakfast consisted of some more deer meat and Sugar Crisp and that’s one combination I don’t want to repeat too soon.

By the way, all those beautiful trees to the right of the cottage and behind it are now largely cut down so the new owner has open access to Big Bass Lake whereas our cottage was hard to see from the lake.

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