Rediscovering Tootsie Pops

even as I write this today I am enjoying a cherry Tootsie Pop. I enjoyed these as a child and I’m rediscovering them now at 70 years old. I still enjoy chocolate, cherry, Orange, and a new flavor called blue raspberry. Now Tootsie Pops come in an abundance of flavors including banana, mango, caramel, assortment of berry flavors, and peppermint. Plus there are many more flavors and they’re coming up with new ones all the time. Of course at the center of the Tootsie Pops are Tootsie Rolls. I’ve returned to the days of yesteryear- that Tootsie Roll rides Supreme again!

Mrs. Eugenia Honeywell

Mrs. Mark C. Honeywell was the first lady of Wabash Indiana. Wabash owes much to her. Unfortunately she died in a house fire many years ago. I personally knew Mrs. Honeywell when I broke her window when I was 11 years old. My parents made me go to her home to apologize. A lady met me at the door with cookies. I thought it was one of her servants but it was Mrs. Honeywell herself and she put me at ease right away. She was so cordial and nice. I paid her for the window and we became friends. She has given Wabash to the Honeywell Center which is a Performing Arts facility, the Honeywell Gardens, the Honeywell community pool, and the Eagle Theater which not only has movies but also live performances. Our High School football field was the first to have mercury vapor lights. Thank you Mrs. Honeywell for making Wabash your home.

Rumor Herd!

autumn3 I I heard a rumor the other day about a steer getting caught in a building. I don’t know if this was a bum steer or not? It was supposed to have taken place in Custer Michigan. To get his head caught in the building like this must have happened due to a stampede. The customers got the raw end of the deal because the rump is right in the restaurant. Maybe they should call this place the steer Inn? They steer you in and you get the best steak possible. Or rump roast whenever you prefer? Healthy eating!

Ice on Big Bass Lake; Sort of

do you see why I said sort of? There is ice on Big Bass Lake and yet there isn’t. It’s kind of like the Titanic. There is open water and there is ice. This would not be a good day to go row boating. I could wind up like the Titanic. At least it’s pretty to look at. But ice fishing and ice skating will have to wait until the ice hardens. And can summer be far behind?

Missing in Action: Sailboats on BBL

where can you find a sailboat on Big Bass Lake today? What you do find on the lake are high powered speed boats, jet skis, pontoon boats, and motorboats. With all that water churning action it makes Little room for row boats, paddle boats, or sailboats. These kind of watercraft would be pushed out of the way by high powered speed boats. Of course at Big Bass Lake, they could be used after Labor Day until Memorial Day. But in the peak periods of Summer they’re almost out of the question. So when will we see sailboats doing summer again on Big Bass Lake?

First United Church Chapel

12983315_1165521446812007_78066019961551_1624945860869561_899793 these are two pictures of the chapel of the First Congregational Church in Oak Park Illinois. In the balcony of this Chapel is a small 2 manual pipe organ. The chapel was used for small concerts and weddings. Constructed in 1956, it was also used for summer worship services.

Let it Snow!

the Manistee Forest has had its share of snow this year but in drips and drabs. It also doesn’t stay around very long. But it looks so nice on pine trees. It decorates them like at Christmas time. Now like most people, I hate driving at this time of year. But today to see the snow on these trees I’d drive a hundred miles. So today sit back and enjoy the scenery for I know I will.

Use of Snow Fences

fence-in-the-sunset I’m in trouble here because I know nothing about snow fences. However in this picture was too good to pass up. I think snow fences are there to protect highways and train tracks. I also think they have something to do with beach erosion. If anyone knows anything else about them please leave us a comment. Thank you. For now just feast in this beautiful photograph.


When I was a young boy  I went to this building  to get a haircut .  My dad took me to the back of our property  and across the creek  to get to this building . I am sure this was the building  but I don’t know if it was called Bradshaw’s then. I do remember getting a pretty good haircut  plus a lollipop . Do any of our readers  know any more about Bradshaw’s ?IMG_20171016_152337