Our Farm in the Spring

This picture provides you with a glimpse of what needed to be done every spring. The grass had to be cut and what a lawn! It extended all the way to Big Bass Lake Road. A lawnmower would do right around the house and garage but for the field all the way to the road a tractor had to be used, not to mention all the way back to the barn.

Notice all the trees behind the house. A great many of those are now gone to make way for new homes that desired an open view of Big Bass Lake. Instead of the field you see to your right, new homes are now found there. Yes, farms are disappearing in that area all too fast to make room for tourism.

Yes, that tractor of ours sure got a good workout come every spring. It also plowed a pathway through the barnyard nearly to Al Matson’s cabin where Noreika Road’s sandy section begins.

That solo tree has been around for seemingly eons. In a picture published within this site was of me and my sister when I was about five, and that tree is in that picture and it doesn’t appear to have aged a day in this photograph. It has stood smack dab in the middle of our field despite high winds and driving rains and winter gales. Going North on Big Bass Lake Road past the public landing, it is off to the right as you hit the curve taking you due North.

Our garden was something else as both my grandmother and Aunt Beth tended and noursihed it as one of their prime attractions. As a kid I only got to weed it and that wasn’t much fun. I once asked my grandmother why smelly manure could produce such wonderfully aeromatic flowers and she replied, “Just a miracle of nature”.

I remember helping my Aunt Beth shuck beans and I must confess that they tasted better that night. We had just about every vegetable imaginable in that garden. Not that far away down the field was our orchard full of tasty fruit. As I mentioned in a previous post, there were also blackberry bushes in the middle of our property not ten yards off the dirt road that cut our property in half.

Yes, that unique tree and our garden will also be in my memory as such good things came from the latter into our larder. Then there was the compost pile but that will be saved for another day and post.

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