My husband, Mike, and I live quite close to Scottville, Michigan, and we can both agree that the Clown Band provides the community great exposure. However, Mike is less than enthusiastic for the Rubber Duckie Race that happens each year. I, on the other hand, think its just great for kids and also for grown up kids as well.

The waters of the Pere Marquette River are brightened up by the release of 1000 bright yellow rubber ducks that float down the river in a mad race to the finish line. And while Mike shows no pains in expressing his displeasure at this race, I have often wondered how real duckies view this proceeding? Do they ever try to make new friends with their artificial cousins?

While I stroll along the banks of the river, Mike rolls his eyes in disbelief and my enjoyment of this race. I have wondered if Mike was ever deprived of rubber duckies in his bathtub as a youth? That could well explain a lot!   Or maybe he’s just denying the inner youth within him?  Hmmmm?