Grant’s Resort on Big Bass Lake

Grant’s Resort, located on the north side of Big Bass Lake, has been another allusive entity until only just recently for me.  There isn’t much about this facility on the Internet, let alone  photograph of the place, that is until Apryl supplied me with this picture and some information about this resort.  I have tried calling the phone number connected to this resort (231-266-5679) for a few days but all I have ever gotten was voice mail.  I had hoped to get the resorts history so maybe some reader f ours will supply that data for us by way of a comment.

Apryl informs us that this resort has 3 cottages, two have two bedrooms and the big cabin has two bedrooms, a fold out couch and a futon on the screened in porch. They do supply row boats for each cabin. And I believe they are open year round as the cabins have furnaces. No televisions or phones.  The owner is Audrey Grant however her son pretty much runs it now and he checks in every day.   When Apryl  first started going when there when she was little, there was no hot water or even a shower, so her family had to take baths in the lake!

And this info will have to suffice until some of our readers provide us with even more.  I’m glad that we have this to promote Grant’s Resort as several comments each year have asked about cottage rental on Big Bass Lake.  By the way, I like the nice touch of having a small tent situated just before one of those cottages. 

2 thoughts on “Grant’s Resort on Big Bass Lake

  1. We brought the tent from home so that we could continue our Yahtzee playing into the evening without being eaten alive by the mosquitos!!


  2. On our camping trips to our property we smoked the area with ferns thus eliminating mosquitoes for the entire trip. And they wre so readily availble where we were!


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