Ludington Beach and Breakwater

I’ve often captured the Ludington Lighthouse and Breakwater on photographs as the majestic waves crash upon this structure but today I wanted to provide you with the FULL prospective.  Here you can observe the breakwater’s full concourse and the Lighthouse from the beach.  See where the breakwater angles off to the lighthouse?

When walking that’s quite a distance out into Lake Michigan and when the waves are high they really crash into the breakwater sending water high into the air.  However, I prefer this wonderful beach for many days in summer and some still into the fall.  After all 80 degree days are no stranger to Michigan September’s. 

The water temperature is still rather refreshing until mid-September so I visit the beach even after Labor Day.  The beach is far less crowded at those times since summer tourists have long since hit the road.  In the summer months Ludington swells to nearly triple its normal size what with all the tourists.  But the time for sun bathing and swimming is just about over until next June.  I, for one, will miss it!  But the breakwater and lighthouse are still there to use and photograph!

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