I knew this island when it was called Grandma’s Hat because of a tree that for all appearances looked like a plumed hat.  It’s also been called Tiny Tim and Loon Island over the years but now it could well be called Bushy Island as it seems to be over run with them.  There is a lot of vegetation on this island per square inch.

It always had a great sand beach around it which I presume exists to this day.  When it was called Grandma’s Hat in the 1950’s there was ample land so that one could be seen on that island from as far away as the Big Bass Lake Store.  Now unless you are my height (6’10”) that would no longer be the case as you would be absorbed by leafy bushes. 

Maybe the island could be renamed just “Bush” Island in honor of one of the former two President’s?  That’s a thought!