The Old Ski Jump on The Southeast Side of Big Bass Lake

Ski Ramp Jump

Does anyone remember the ski jump fairly close to the tiny island known as Grandma’s Hat? ? It was in full view of the Big Bass Lake Store. I remember it up in the 1950’s.

And does anyone know why it was removed? Many lakes today do have ski jumps as it offers skiers another change to hone their craft. Now about the only time one can have even something similar to that experience is if another boat’s wake hits the skier at just the right time.

It is dangerous because of the possibility of catching a toe in front of the ramp. The catastrophic nature of these falls weren’t worth the benefit of the event overall. I heard of a guy who is a quadriplegic from breaking his neck falling on a ramp and learned of two others. Seeing guys catch a toe and slam headfirst on the ramp then lay unconscious in the water was probably a reason why the Big Bass Lake ramp was removed.

Maybe now the north side of the lake would be more appropriate for a ski jump? Comments anyone?

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