I’ve always liked to call these venues into the Lake Michigan area “Anticipation Drive” as they are my lead-in’s to either jogging, kayaking (once), or swimming.  I don’t think I’ll ever repeat my kayaking experience here as I prefer the calmer waters of the Pere Marquette River.

Even though I live near Scottville, I spend a lot of my time in Ludington even in the winter as I take the polar plunge every year just as Darlene checks my sanity for so doing.

Darlene likes to take pictures of Lake Michigan especially in stormy weather.  I like to jog on the shoreline at those times.  I’m always impressed with the sheer ferocity of Lake Michigan and the high waves in storms. I’m vert respectful as well as I have seen many fools venture out onto the breakwater in high waves. 

The sad times are when I drive away from the lake heading home to Scottvlle.  Someday maybe I’ll own a house right on the lake.  Yes, someday!