A Day at the Big Bass Lake School

At one time this was the Big Bass Lake School that my father and his sisters attended and today it serves as the Sauble Township Hall. My dad and his brothers and sisters had just over a mile walk to the school each day as there were no school buses in that era. Their teacher usually arrived about an hour before the kids and had to draw water from the well for drinking purposes that day and also to stoke the fire to keep the room warm.

Bible readings from the teacher usually began the day. In this area the teacher had their work cut out for them as it was a mix of English and Lithuanian children. I know at my dads house the children were not permitted to speak English even though they were learning it at school. Only their native language was allowed as that is all my grandparents knew.

Class would then begin. As the day progressed each class was called to the “recitation” bench. There the teacher worked exclusively with those children for a period, while the other students busied themselves studying or doing an assigned lesson. Normally there was a brief morning recess of about fifteen minutes, followed by more classes, and then an hour for lunch. The afternoon was spent much like the morning with classes and a short recess.

Every subject was studied in that one room. This school is located right down the block from the Big Bass Lake store and very close to the area softball field today. It is still standing.   On their eay home from school, some kids might have stopped off at the Big Bass Lake store for some things for their parents. 

How about a dozen eggs for 18 cents?  Or bread for eight cents a loaf?  Or pork and beans at five cents a can?  Hot dogs could be bought for eight cents a pound.  And you could get four cans of Campbell’s Tomato Soup for a quarter!  Of course most area farms were nearly self sufficient but how’d you like to find those prices today?

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