Is Alice Lake Modernizing?

Thia may be a question that only Ed Hawks can answer?  But I have to wonder if Alice Lake is going the way of Big Bass Lake when the Heritage Bay Development Company transformed the former Camp Martin Johnson into a large-scale housing project?  Is this the Alice Lake equivalent by way of their Alice Lake Estates?

More importantly, will this Alice Lake Estates change the tranquil setting of Alice Lake?  Will speedboats begin to churn up the waters of this lake too?   Will large homes use pesticides on their lawns that will eventually change the landscape of Alice Lake?

Will the tranquil waters of this beautiful little lake be forever changed when the Estates if fully realized?  Or will Alice Lake still retain the charm and dignity that it so rightly has always possessed?  Will scenes like this still be found on the lake?

 Or will the golden age and heritage of Alice Lake be transformed into what other lakes in the area have already experienced?  Will it retain its simple purity?  Let us know by way of a comment.

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