Boys Club Transitions

I wanted to take a look back at the five Boys Clubs of America that I was a part of during that time of my life.

1.  Marion, Indiana:  I was the Educational Director there and part of my job was to host  weekly television program on Channel 23.  That club has now been sold to a church and has relocated to just south of Indiana Wesleyan University.  It was from here and from Taylor University that many of my guest speakers came from.

2.  Salesian, Columbus, Ohio.  This club was located in downtown Columbus and closed down a few years ago for a lack of financial resources.  Part of my job there was to work at St. Ladislaus as their physical education director.  The club itself has  pool, gymnasium with a running track over the gym, and an eight lane bowling alley.

3.  Hoffman Estates, Illinois.  This was my first job as an Executive Director and I had a renovated barn with an excellent outside facility including a football field and two softball fields.   The director after my tenure caused the club to close down and the building itself was removed.

4.  Joplin, Missouri:  I was again the Executive Director of this club and oversaw their new facility which was partly opened during my tenure.  Since that time, the old building has been razed and a second gym installed. 

5.  Bradenton, Florida.  This club remains the same to this day with no physical changes. 

Of course over the span of some twenty-five years changes are inevitable and progress must be a part of any expansion plan.  It was sad, though, to learn that Hoffman Estates and the Salesian clubs are no longer in operation.

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