Big Bass Lake is an excellent lake to water ski on as there are so many twists and turns throughout the lake. These twists and turns include going around the five islands that are found on the lake. Speedboats of varying sizes and shapes, including horsepower, jot in and around those islands with their skiers in tow. Of late even tubing has taken over on the lake as an alternative to water skiing.

Jet skis are also found on the lake but not as much as a few years ago. Before anyone can enjoy their recreational pursuits they must consult the rules of the lake that detail what directions a boat must take around each island thus avoiding head on collisions.

However once that is downloaded in your mind, there are many miles of waterfront to enjoy water skiing the lake in whatever form you wish to take. A good question might be as to what the earliest date people begin water skiing on the lake each year as well as the last good date to take advantage of the lake. Any thoughts on that?