The Old Cottage

Coming up the hill from the lake is what I call our old cottage. In the 1950’s it looked to be in better shape that it does now. It had a screened in porch with two yellow insect lights and two bedrooms. Since the old house did not have enough room for family visitors, the cottage was used. I always stayed in a bed in the old house kitchen but my sisters stayed at the cottage. They were about twenty yards apart.

The cottage had an excellent view of the lake. The two bedrooms were rather small with a nightable in each along with a double bed. Heavy quilts were used to take the chill out of the Michigan night air. Each bedroom had a side window with a screen that could be raised or lowered depending on taste. The side to the lake caught cool breezes. On the other side of the cottage was our grainery.

I have another picture of the cottage from a front view that I will post in the future along with a story about how it was used on one of my camping trips in the 1970’s.

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