Peace Returns to Big Bass Lake After Labor Day

Today is the busiest, or next busiest, day that the Public Landing at Big Bass Lake gets.  Labor Day marks the day that the speedboats are pulled from the lake to be stored until next Memorial Day.  But not only that as many piers are taken in for the cold weather ahead.

After Labor Day a certain calm returns to Big Bass Lake where rowboats and kayaks can patrol the lake without being worried about huge wakes unsettling them.  A sense of civility returns to those that live around the lake as they can actually hear the peaceful sounds of the wind for a change over that of roaring motors.

There are some on Big Bass Lake that would like to see an end to the public landing but I suppose it serves its purpose for three months out of the year.  Many of those same boats become parade floats over the Fourth of July. 

I wonder how many year round residents get to enjoy all four seasons that the lake has to offer?  As fall approaches the lake will be alive with all the colors of the rainbow as trees show off their finery only to be reflected right back off the lake. 

But then the countdown to Memorial Day begins anew when the lake will again churn heavily to the sound of speedboats as the cycle never ends.  So enjoy those peaceful fall days on Big Bass Lake to their fullest!

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