2011 Big Bass Lake Boat Parade Winner- The Titanic

With nary an iceberg in sight,  at least not yet, the Titanic took first place in the 2011 Big Bass Lake Boat Parade.  If any of you have a photograph that you would like displayed on Big Bass Lake and Beyond, the first and last authoritative word on this most unique lake, send it to me at davidnorris1313@juno.com

The Titanic was roughly 55’ long and the structure consisted of two pontoon boats lashed together with four 12’ 4×4’s.

For that matter, send any photograph you have of Big Bass Lake and that area.  Tiny’s Bait Shop is a photo I would like to add to this site along with other unique boat designs in the parade.  Also needed are some on island pictures of the island next to Four Winds Island on the North side of the lake.  A picture could also be had of the flying saucer float from last years parade. 

Thank you for making this the best Big Bass Lake site on the Internet!

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