Fireworks at Big Bass Lake

The Fourth of July at Big Bass Lake was great fun even in the 1950’s-1980’s. Of course, that was before they began the boat parades on the lake.  About the time that the fireworks went off each year, the southeast side of Big Bass Lake took on the appearance of a small harbor chock full of boats of all sizes.  Anchors had to be put out to make sure boats didn’t run into each other as they viewed the fireworks.

Some boats opted for a position just west of the bridge leading to the Big Island as that secton of the lake was far less crowded.  However you could still hear and view the fireworks quite well.  Now many people from the Big Bass Lake Fellowship Church bring along lawn chairs to view the display from the church property which is almost due east of Grandma’s Hat Island. 

But even if one opted to stay home, the fireworks could be vfewed from just about any vantage point on the lake.  Have a safe and happy Fourth of July everyone!

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