Larry & Sauble Lake

 a friend of mine who lives on Sauble Lake invited me over for the day. I have only swam in Sauble Lake once before. Upon my arrival Paul introduced me to his foster child Justin. And Justin was bent on showin And Justin was bent on showing me how safe the lake was. Justin walked into the lake slowly and began making circles with his hands in the water. Paul told me that Justin was mentally challenged. But aside from that he was all boy. So Justin and I had a wonderful day swimming at Sauble Lake. When done Paul had grilled some hamburgers to make the day even more .

The 13/24 Drive-in Theater

78bfaa_1f679d63e8d242e1bf30a0d8dadfd360~mv2syndicate-13-24-drive-in-4f8626d346d09d470e000032 the 1324 in our title refers to Highway 13 and 24 and that is where this drive-in theater is located in Wabash Indiana. It has been in business since 1951 and it’s still showing movies yet today. The Honeywell Foundation owns it. At one time they had a small train running around the drive-in theater but that is no longer in operation.

Camouflaged Four Winds Island

IMG_20171022_230758 as you can plainly see, it is impossible during the summer months to photograph any of the camp Martin Johnson Buildings on Four Winds Island. The island is perfectly camouflaged with Greenery. All the pictures that we’ve taken of this island where when the camp was still in existence. Any other picture would be blocked by trees. This island is now privately owned and we respect the rights of that ownership to not trespass on their property.  I wanted to make that crystal clear.

When is a Township Hall not a Township Hall?

IMG_20171003_141759 the answer to this question is quite simple. This is the Sauble Township Hall on the Eastern shores of Big Bass Lake. But in the days when my dad was a child it was known as The Big Bass Lake School. My dad was not allowed to use English at home even though it was taught at school. My grandparents were Lithuanian as was half the population around the lake. This particular school was a one-room School consisting of six grades. Any teacher must have been frustrated by such a situation including having to deal with Lithuanian families that would not allow their children to speak English at home. Comments?