The Breakwater is NOT a Parking Lot

Some people will do almost anything to avoid walking the Ludington Breakwater even in mild seas.  If he wanted to get a picture of the lighthouse, would not Lake Michigan have done the trick?  Of course, this poor fellow was really washed up on the breakwater in high seas.  I would have hated to have even walked on the breakwater in bad weather but that was his only avenue to safety. 

In high waves that would have been most tricky to say the least.  At least he wasn’t at the full length of the breakwater when he crashed into it.  One also has to wonder why he was out on Lake Michigan in high surf?  I wonder how much damage was done to his boat? 

I also wonder if a fog bank contributed to this crash?  At times this area can appear like London.  Which reminds me, tea anyone?

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