Visiting Haunted Island

If you can make out the red “X” in the middle of the island, that is where my boys club kids and I always docked at a very rickety pier and always at midnight. On a trip with my Hoffman Estates Boys Club, one kid in particular was not looking very forward to this trip. His name was Alan.

That evening Big Bass Lake was rather choppy and the boat ride over to the island was spooky enough for him so when we docked at the pier he asked if that was all there was to it. One of the other boys noted that this was just the beginning.

We climbed the little hill before us and then took the winding path that led to the haunted house. As we arrived at the clearing where the haunted house stood I could find no takers that wanted to actually go into the house on the first floor to explore. In fact, Alan felt very comfortable just to stay at the pathway by the forest.

Several of the boys encircled the house looking into the empty window panes. They noticed the staircase leading to the upper floor. I told them the story of how all this came to be which can be found elsewhere on BBL and Beyond (Category of Haunted House on Sidebar).

On the way back to our wooded beachfront, the lake was somewhat calmer and once we were back on land, Alan kissed the ground. I think he was happy to be back at our camp.

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