It’s McCARTHY Creek, Not “McCarty” Creek

I’d like to thank my pal, Mike Reynolds, for piping me aboard Big Bass Lake and Beyond as a regular contributor instead of an occassional guest author.  It feels good to become part of the group that writes here.  For the longest time I’ve been following the exploits you and had become engaged with the writing of another guest author by the name of Dawn and her stories about Brookwood.  It made me want to know more about McCarty Creek.

I visited the Lake County Courthouse and Library to learn more where that creek might be but could not locate it anywhere until I found a McCarthy Creek and it was at the same coordinates that she described McCarty Creek.  I think she was just a letter short when she typed out the name of that creek.  It’s about ten miles southeast of Alice Lake as the crow might fly.

Well, I found it and might have broken a few trespassing rules, but I came across where Brookwood might be and sure enough there was a section that I almost stepped into that was for all the world like quicksand.  It ate up a branch that I stuck into it.  Better the branch than me!  And that creek was as cold as ice just as Dawn described it.  Coming upon it I felt just like Ponce De Leon. 

I hope McCarthy Creek clarifies the error that was once known as McCarty Creek. 

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