Float Trips Down The Pere Marquette


I love canoeing the Pere Marquette River near Branch, Michigan. There are so many twists and turns in this river and it takes skill to snake your way down this river. The water is as cold and refreshing as Lake Michigan and swift as an eagle. Under most situations my paddle largely steers as the current takes me along quite nicely.

There are several places to camp along the river if you want to make a trip of several days. If you want to get away from everything this river is for you along, of course, with the Little Manistee River. I usually take a trip with my wife’s brother Thomas cause he’s an excellent cook and that means I don’t have to mess with any of that. We both love to fish so several times we put ashore and cast our lines into the river to catch that night’s supper.

I love swimming in the Pere Marquette but Thomas thinks its too cold. Our drinking water largely comes from the river along with a few water purification pills. If you’re in the greater Ludington/Scottville/Baldwin area take a trip down this marvelous river.

One thought on “Float Trips Down The Pere Marquette

  1. I own property between Free Soil and Irons in the middle of the Manistee National Forest at the edge of “Bear Swamp”. I just recently found this website and have been enjoying the posts. i am from Muskegon. I was wonding if anyone had any stories of the area discribed above. I know that old railroad grades abound in the area and would love to hear about the logging history.


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