The Big Bass Lake “Ball”

Now, I’ve seen tubing and water skiing plus speedboats and jet skis on Big Bass Lake and, yes, even som kayaks and canoes, but what in the heck is this “ball”?  Was it hit astray off the Big Bass Lake softball field just east of the old Big Bass Lake Store?  What is the function of that “ball” and how many residents on Big Bass Lak have them?

Many new innovations have been appearing on the lake in recent years but this one beats them all!  And, after this “ball” what will be coming next?  A prom on the ice of Big Bass Lake?  Or maybe a mini-sub operating in those waters?  I’ve even heard of “Water Walkers” which are styrofoam stork like legs that you can actually walk on water with but only in really calm waters.  Some say you can even run in them.

So what next clever idea will be coming our way at Big Bass Lake next?

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