Easy Rowing on Big Bass Lake

This is the time of year when row boating is fun on Big Bass Lake because you can cross nearly any stretch of the lake leisurely without having to outsmart a speedboat. No wakes to worry about either. All this is especially true on weekdays since weekends still might have an occasional speedboat come your way.

In the 1950’s and 60’s, even summer time was not that difficult to take a rowboat excursion around the lake. But make no mistake about it, lake traffic has increased on Big Bass Lake with bigger and better boats not to mention jet skis. I have noticed a few kayaks docked on the lake now. That might rival the rowboat in popularity.

Sunny weekdays for those out on the lake can be fun now. Even those that like to take their pontoon boats out for a spin on the lake don’t have to worry about speedboats darting in and around them. One doesn’t have to be quite as aware as in the summer time of where they are situated on the lake.

4 thoughts on “Easy Rowing on Big Bass Lake

  1. My Great Grandfather was William Jones who first owned the Old Homestead Resort on the north end of Big Bass Lake. Throughout the years, the family has passed down the property to great, great, great grandchildren! Our family was one of only a few that lived on the lake year around and have wonderful memories of warm summers, swimming until dark, campfires, sledding down the hills right onto the frozen water and all of the stars that could be seen at night.

    I remember Camp Martin Johnson. As a child and young adult, I didn’t appreciate the value that it had on our community. Now, the once quiet area is full of homes that look like ‘city homes’, complete with expansive lawns, seawalls and treeless lots. It makes me sad to see our once quiet, cottage lake look like a suburb for the rich. Too bad there aren’t housing requirements or LIMITS for building.

    Thanks for letting me vent! I guess I just hate to see all of the changes!


  2. Several of those mansions are now on our former property along the southwest portion of the lake. Some are even up for sale. I wonder if there are drinking water issues?


  3. So glad to have some of the jet-ski’s off the lake! Noise pollution. Not sure about the drinking water issues.

    Another issue I have with the new ‘mansions’ on lake………..fertilizer. I’m sure with their lush lawns, fertilizer must be used. It all ends up in BBL. Can’t we somehow stop it??


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