Big Bass Lake Resort

This is an old picture of a resort on the north side of Big Bass Lake. I know nothing about this so that I hope our audience might know something about it? Let us know by way of a comment.

I know that there have been a couple of resorts on Big Bass Lake, chief among them Dinty Moore’s Resort on the north end of the lake and The Peacock Resort on the southwest side of the lake. Let us know if other resorts existed over the course of time at Big Bass Lake.

Don Clodfelter sent us this picture.

6 thoughts on “Big Bass Lake Resort

  1. I see it says Anderson’s resort in the picture. My guess based on the buildings and the area in the photo is was simply purchased by the Grant’s and is now Grants Resort. That is still in operation. I’ll try to stop by and take a picture to compare.


  2. Thanks, Ed, for if this is Grant’s Resort there sure isn’t much info on the web about them. Publicity wise it’s a wonder if they have anyone coming to their facility.


  3. Yes, I knew about the site you mentioned but I was looking for their own site with possible pictures.


  4. All of the cabins shown in this photo are still standing today, and are not part of Grant’s resort. These houses are just south of Grant’s resort. The flag pole shown in this photo, is laying down on our property and still in pretty good shape. The thing that catches my eye the most is the size of the trees, today they are huge.


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