Bean Bonfire

One year with the Marion Boys Club trip to our property, a second adult joined us and he was the director of the Marion Boys Club Singers.  His name was Dale.  On one night that I was invited to my grandmother’s for pasti, Dale was left in charge of the boys. 

On that night, the boys talked Dale into blowing up a can of pork and beans from within the campfire.  Once placed under the large fire, Dale at least had the sense to tell the boys to hide behind the trees or within moments a large explosion shook the area and much o the wood rom that campfire shot out of that pit. 

Beans flew everywhere but so did parts of that can.  The lid of that can imbedded itself a good inch into one of our trees.  Had that lid hit a boy the results could have been deadly.  I’m sure that neither the boys nor Dale thought of that risk.

Upon my return that night I found beans everywhere.  By then the campfire area itself had been put back in order.  I told the boys that if the beans weren’t all gathered up we would have some night critter visitors munching on that offering.  So very reluctantly, the boys gathered up all the beans they could find and dumped them into the campfire one by one.

Valuable lessons were learned that night and I think their clean-up efforts far outweighed the “fun” they had of watching a can of beans explode.  I also informed the boys of how deadly that “game” of theirs might have become. 

They also did hear a couple of night visitors outside their tent by way of a squirrel or raccoon that had come out to feast on what the boys had not found.  One thing was certain and that was that those critters cleaned up the area even better than the boys did that evening.

Yet had those beans been eaten, night toots might have made the situation even worse if you know what I mean.  Thank God for well ventilated tents!

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