The Quagmire Swamp Behind Our Wooded Beachfront

This is the outlet of the quagmire swamp behind our wooded beachfront that goes into Big Bass Lake. I was always worried that one of the boys club kids would test my warnings to stay far away from this swamp and try to walk into it. Fortunately that never happened. The closest that anyone came to that swamp was when our second firepit was used which was about twenty yards away from the swamp.

Largely the kids that cooked there were by themselves for the most part as all the activity revolved around our main campfire by the tents. Some of our night campfires took place at this solitary location because ghost stories were enhanced by the nearby swamp.

To get to our campsite we had to jump across a narrow strip that led to our wooded campsite down from Noreika Road. The swamp ran behind us and off our property and then into the lake itself. I warned the boys that quickmud is almost impossible to swim in unlike quicksand which does allow for some movement. They heeded well.

Once one of the boys suggested he go in there with his swim trunks and if he got in trouble we could throw him a rope. That conversation ended when I asked him what would happen if the rope we threw him snapped while trying to pull him out. Of course that never would have happened but I suppose he needed to hear that warning.

Outside of being a curiousity piece the swamp was little more to the kids the majority of the time. They did gather wood close to it but that was about it.

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