Modern Plumbing Has Put This Baby Out of Operation!

Thank the Lord for modern plumbing as our former outhouse has been retired on a permanent basis.  However, for the majority of our Marion Boys Club trips to our land, this outhouse would have been heaven for the kids.

Their option on that trip for their necessary business each day was a portable potty that had only a tarp before it for privacy.  That old outhouse would have given them four walls of privacy over that of one. 

To her dying day, my grandmother preferred the outhouse to indoor plumbing.  I could never understand that.  I should have as on those portable potty days, I opted for a neighbor’s outhouse myself over that of our potty.  And, that neighbor’s “facility” was much more modern than the one you see here!  It had a his and her’s side! 

The His ide had a magazine rack full of Field and Stream magazines for reading material while on the throne. 

In their day these were the only game in town but I am ever so glad that the game plan changed and for the better.  Can you imagine finishing your business and then look through the cracks in the door to see a bear between you and your cottage?  And our old outhouse didn’t even have a magazine rack!

Plus how would these be in the dead of Michigan winters?  For they weren’t heated you know even though they did have lights in them.  And, no, they weren’t illuminated by fireflies either!

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