Big Bass Lake 1940

Since this photograph was taken around 1940, that was a good eight years before I was born.  Do any of our readers recognize this portion of the lake at that time?  If so leave us a comment to greater enirch all of our understanding about this era. 

I must confess that the lakeside “lodge” is rather intriguing and the closest thing that I can relate it to is the docking area where the yellow plane and Dan Carlson now dwell.  Any thoughts with the limited information we have here?

6 thoughts on “Big Bass Lake 1940

  1. I think this cabin is just East of the old Bass lake store. There is a cabin standing today, on/near the water that looks very much like this one. For all of the years I have been going to BBL, I just noticed this place not long ago. Neat photo!!


  2. I also think this is right around the bend from the old store. It seems to be a little crooked these days, and it looks like it sits right on the water from the front view.


  3. My great grandparents (the Harpers) owned a cabin up on the hill in this picture. I would spend the summers at that location as a child. The cabin by the water is still there today. This was taken about three or four houses down from the old bass lake store.


  4. Hello All,
    This cabin is 2 cabins away from our cabin. It sits about 1′ off the water. It is beautiful!
    In the 70’s, it was bright red, I believe it is still red today! Last time I was up there, sadly was about 19 yrs ago. Sounds like I need a vacation, to recapture old memories!
    Ou cabin sits upon the hill, well it was our grandparents cabin, which after they past it became my parents. And they do go up there (from Detroit area).
    This cabin is located I believe it’s off 5 mile, and there is/was a church nearby *(up on the hill) and a fire dept behind the church. The opposite direction IS BIG BASS LAKE STORE, they sold gas & bait & lots of candy (back in the day) 🙂
    5 Mile rd also leads to the next lake…LOON LAKE, it has a winding road.
    The memories are countless,
    thanks for posting!
    Jonnie Swallow (FB)


  5. slight corresction, I was there 14 yrs ago (instead of 19)… somehow 5 yrs makes a difference 🙂


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