This was the kind of tent that the Salesian Inner City Boys Club of Columbus, Ohio, used on their trip to our wooded beachfront.   It was used by about four boys and two were used on this particular trip and they were in close proximity one to the other.  My tent was also much like this one so in all three tents were erected just past our main firepit.  About forty yards away, we set up our mess tent which was used to house our food (metal cans) and to use in the event of rain which on this particular trip was used quite often.  It rained five of the seven days we were there.

On this trip, the mess tent was also used to hang up wet clothes since the outside clothes line was not too effective with all the rain.  This tent could also be used for board games or to just relax during the bad weather we had for five of those days. 

It was a well ventialated tent as you can plainly see in this photograph.  The kids found refuge from the bad weather here to be a delight.  Our food was still cooked at one of our two firepits but then brought inside where the boys could eat without having to dodge raindrops.  On dryer nights, at times you could observe the kids having fun in the tents as the light from the fire illuminated their sleeping tents.

The use of flashlights offered the same effect.  A little horseplay was good even though the kids knew that if the tent fell they would be the ones putting it back up again.  With our continuing rain problem, nothing was sweeter than going to bed with the patter of raindrops upon your tent.  The kids got a good nights sleep on those evenings.  And so did I!